Lovato Contactors & Disconnects

PICs Controls Inc is a a distributor for Lovato Electric, offering a wide range of switch disconnectors from 16A to 1250A both fused and unfused. A full compliment of accessories is also available to complete your control circuitry.


Lovato offers a comprehensive line of contactors that are broken up into three general categories. All Lovato contactors have Finger-safe protection and are designed to have a long operational life.  Lavato contactors come in three- pole and four- pole, AC, DC and DC low consumption coil also with the option of a four pole with 2N0 and 2NC poles or 4NC. Contactors 110A AC3 and higher, have a coil which operates in AC or DC with reduced consumption.  Three pole versions range to 630A in IEC AC3 duty. Four pole versions range to 1600A in IEC AC1 duty.

BG series mini-contactors

BF series contactors

B series contactors

Switch Disconnectors

Switch Disconnectors 16A to 125A (AC21A)

  • Direct operating handle and door coupling versions
  • IEC IP65/UL type 4X enclosure
  • 16A to 125A ratings
  • Versions include direct operating, door mount, or door coupling version
  • Economical and compact size
  • Padlockable with no extra accessory
  • Empty non-metallic enclosures

Switch Disconnectors 50A to 1600A (AC21A)

  • Three and four-pole with or without NFC, NH and BS type fuse holders
  • Padlockable with no extra accessory
  • Three and four-pole changeover switches
  • Add-on blocks and accessories

Switch Disconnectors for photovoltaic applications

  • Three and four-pole
  • Door coupling and direct operating versions
  • Padlockable with no extra accessory

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