Sprecher+Schuh Protection

Lovato Motor ProtectionPICS Controls, Inc offers Sprecher+Schuh products and solutions for industrial automation. Sprecher & Schuh motor protection circuit breakers come in a wide adjustment range from 0.5A to 63A. They also offer a comprehensive line of accessories to complement their motor protection circuits including highly reliable and accurate tripping, automatic trip indicators and reset indicators.

Broad Product Range

  • Up to 20 different current ratings available (0.5A to 63A) the L8 Supplementary Protectors are manufactured in one, two and three pole configurations.
  • Interrupting capacities up to 10kA.
  • Voltage ratings from 48V DC up to 480V AC.

Safety Features Provide Enhanced Protection

  • Terminals of provide IP20 protection to guard against accidental contact with live parts.
  • Trip-free mechanism — ensuring that the device operation cannot be defeated by holding the operator in the ON position
  • Color-coded indicator provides positive visual indication of the device status (green for OFF, red for ON) and isolation function.

Sprecher & Schuh UL1077 circuit breakers

L8 Supplemental Protectors

Sprecher+Schuh Series L8 Supplementary Protectors offer advanced features, performance, and global approvals.  Series L8 Supplementary Protectors are UL Recognized for use in the United States in accordance with NFPA 79 (NEC, National Electrical Code). The devices comply with UL 1077 and CSA 22.2 No.235, meeting the requirements for supplementary protectors intended for use as overcurrent protection where branch circuit protection is not required, or is provided by another device such as a fuse or molded case circuit breaker. These Supplementary Protectors also comply with IEC 60898 for use in commercial and residential applications and are CE marked

  • Breakers provide supplemental overcurrent protection for Industrial and OEM applications.
  • Installation is easy on standard 35mm -DIN rail.
  • Ideal for use where high performance current limiting devices are required.
  • UL 508 bus bars and multi-conductor wire terminals provide simultaneous, quick distribution of power to multiple devices.

Sprecher+Schuh UL489 circuit breakers

L9 Miniature Circuit Breakers

Sprecher+Schuh's Series L9 Circuit Breakers offer approved branch circuit protection applications in the United States. Sprecher+Schuh L9 Circuit Breakers are UL489 listed, CSA 22.2 No. 5.1 approved and meets IEC 60 947-2. Sprecher & Schuh motor protection circuit breakers come in a wide adjustment range from 0.5A to 40A.The Series L9 also have an HACR rating (heating and air conditioning) as well as a "Switching Duty" (SWD) rating from 0.5 to 20A. Switching Duty ratings are related to fluorescent light applications only, not High intensity discharge (HID) lights or any other types of loads.

  • Breakers provide branch circuit protection for Industrial applications.
  • Ease of installation using standard 35mm- DIN rail.
  • Add-on auxiliary and signal contacts plus shunt trip modules to provide modern control circuit applications. A lock-off attachment is available for applications requiring that feature.
  • Terminals accept multiple conductors. In addition, power to the circuit breakers can be fed from the line or load side

Broad Product Range & Flexibility

  • Current ranges of 0.5A to 40A.
  • Voltage ranges of 240V AC and 480Y/277V AC.
  • Similar in width and range to circuit breakers with the added benefit of providing listed branch circuit protection circuit breaker for US/Canada applications.
  • Finger-safe IPX/2 from the front of the circuit breaker to guard against accidental contact with live parts. 

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