Sprecher+Schuh Push Button Operators - Pilot Light Sensors

Push buttons, selector switches and pilot lights are just a small introduction to the Sprecher+Schuh Electric offering. These operators are available in both metallic or plastic configurations. Recently signal towers andPush Button Operators beacons have been added with or without integral sound modules.

 High Performance Control, Signaling And Switching

Sprecher + Schuh's line of D7 pilot devices offer a rugged design for a wide range of applications. This 22mm line is a modular design for easy assembly and interchangeability . Available in both a plastic (high-grade thermoplastic) or metal (die- cast zinc) housing, the D7 operators are built to meet every application need. Both operators exhibit a low profile and stylish appearance, while maintaining the rugged performance necessary for corrosive environments. A line of Monolithic devices (D7D) is also available in illuminated or non-illuminated versions. The D7 offers standard contact blocks in addition to gold plated contacts for low level circuits down to 1mA @5V. The Illumination offering includes long lasting integral LED modules or incandescent bulbs.

Various D7 pushbutton operators include:

  • Flush
  • Extended momentary
  • Extended
  • Flush maintained
  •  Emergency Stops
  •  Selector Switches
  •  Keyed Selector Switches
  •  Multi-function
  •  Pilot Lights
  •  Potentiometers
  •  Selector/Jog Switches
  •  Toggle Switches
  •  Quick, Easy Installation

A standard anti-rotation tab keeps front elements from turning or falling off the control panel, making it possible for one person to install all D7 components even if the front and rear panel are not accessible at the same time. A central mounting ring allows for quick installation and removal of all D7 operators. All back-of-panel components including contact blocks and power module elements snap-on and are readily accessible and interchangeable without removing the pilot device from the panel.

  • Tool-less Mounting Latch

The D7 "tool-less" mounting latch mates the front element with the contact blocks and other back-of-panel components. The mounting latch is available in a plastic and metal design. The latches are easily installed with a "click" and removed by pushing a rotating collar to the right. Quick, reliable and strong, it's the best pilot device mounting latch available in the industry.

  • Long Electrical and Mechanical Life

Most D7 operators have a mechanical life of ten million operations... five million contact blocks. Electrical life ranges from 500,000 cycles at 3A to ten million at 0.1A. The D7 line is also electronics-compatible with self-cleaning contacts.

  • Environmental Ratings

Front elements, including pushbuttons, mushroom operators and selector switches, are rated IP 66 for protection against submersion, oil and dirt, making them reliable in the toughest industrial environments. Metal operators are Type 4/13 and Type 4/4X/13 for plastic operators.


ModulSIGNAL Towers

50mm And 70mm Modular Warning Tower Lights

Industry Leading

High grade, heavy duty and comprehensive, this modular line of 50mm and 70mm diameter signaling towers are flexible and extremely easy to assemble and install. In comparison to competitive products, the SIGNAL50 and SIGNAL70 line offers more features, approvals and options than any other major stack light manufacturer.

Rugged Construction For Industrial Applications

Heavy duty industrial polycarbonate is used to construct all light modules and bases. A stainless steel, pole-mount base, set on a zinc diecast metal foot is also available. All poles are offered in several lengths, and may be cut to a specific length if required.

A variety of standard bases are offered, including surface mount, pole mount, and side mounting for vertical equipment surfaces and walls. A unique junction box effectively adds more mounting base choices.

All modulSIGNAL tower lights meet UL Type 4 / 4X / 13 and IP65 guidelines for use indoors or out. No other manufacturer offers this extensive range of environmental approvals.

Over 100 Combinations Of Lenses, Voltages And Illumination Types

Variety and interchangeability are standard with both modulSIGNAL lines. Six lens colors and three housing colors are available. Light modules are offered in common voltages. Illumination types include incandescent, LED and strobe. A special flashing LED is also available for increased economy.

Sound Modules Expand Signaling Choices

In addition to the many visual alert modules available with the SIGNAL50 and SIGNAL70 lines, Piezo sound modules are also available. Choose from either a single or dual tones.

Easy Assembly, Changeout And Maintenance

Up to five modules of the same voltage may be combined in any order with a simple twist of the wrist. Each light module has a bayonet locking system and finger protection that allows it to be “hot swapped” if necessary. With reassembly of the Warning Tower, all modules are under power again, automatically. To prevent unauthorized opening, optional set screws may be used to lock each module in place


 Compare These Features

  • Choose from gray or black cap and base. Silver can be special ordered.
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate lenses, bases and caps
  • UL Type 4 / 4X / 13 and IP65 environmental ratings
  • Common voltages available from 12V AC/DC up to 240V AC
  • Two types of pole mount bases available; aluminum and stainless steel
  • Order complete assemblies or components
  • Five types of illumination: steady incandescent, flashing incandescent, steady LED, flashing LED, and strobe
  • Six lens colors to choose
  • Single or dual tone sound module available, including illumination plus buzzer on SIGNAL70
  • Simple twist and release modules can be removed and replaced while under power
  • Seven pole sizes available from 5cm to 80cm
  • Six different mounting options available including magnetic base
  • Assembly available for modulSIGNAL50 for a ready to install tower

Sprecher + Schuh is the exclusive reseller of Auer Signaling solutions in the United States and Canada. Contact Pics, Inc. for a quote.

International Standards And Approvals

All Auer Signaling Warning Tower Lights from Sprecher + Schuh are UL-approved in Canada and the US. They also carry the CE mark.

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