Push Button Operators & Pilot Light Sensors

Push buttons, selector switches and pilot lights are just a small introduction to the Lovato Electric offering. These operators are available in both metallic or plastic configurations. Recently signal towers andPush Button Operators beacons have been added with or without integral sound modules.

PushButtons and Selector Switches

  • Double and Triple Touch ActuatorsPush Button Operators
  • Emergency Stop Actuators
  • Mechanical Reset Buttons
  • Selector Switch Actuators
  • Pushbutton actuators (spring return)Push Button Operators
  • Pushbutton actuators (spring return, with symbol)
  • Push-push button actuators
  • Mushroom head push button actuators
  • Mechanical reset buttons, complete unit, spring return
  • Double-touch actuators, spring returnPush Button Operators
  • Triple-touch actuators, spring return
  • Selector switch actuators knob
  • Selector switch actuators key
  • Illuminated button actuators, spring returnPush Button Operators
  • Illuminated push-push button actuators
  • Illuminated mushroom head button actuators
  • Double-touch actuators, spring return, white indicator
  • Illuminated selector switch actuatorsPush Button Operators
  • Pilot light heads
  • LED integrated monoblock pilot lights steady light
  • Pulse-tone monoblock buzzers


  • Mounting adapter
  • Contact elements
  • LED integrated lamp-holders steady or flashing light
  • Plastic disk for mushroom head pushbuttons
  • Actuator caps

Beacons and Signal Towers

  • Blinking or steady light, continuous or pulsed sound modules. 
  • Up to seven modules capable of combinations 
  • Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, White 
  • Accessories and spare parts 

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